“Turkey in Eurasia” Project



The Project is intended to contribute to the internationalization efforts in Eurasian countries through new solutions and tools developed for the purposes of facilitating transnational cooperation in the region.

Features of the TIE Project

This is a partnership project aimed at increasing the awareness and effectiveness of EURAS and EURIE on both European and Asian parts of Eurasia equally.

Project Partners


International Education Tools Ltd

The Role

#IntledTools is the service provider of the project.


Eurasian Universities Union

The Role

EURAS is the major partner procuring project-based services from the service provider.

EURAS  Chapter


Eurasia Higher Education Summit

The Role

EURIE is the secondary partner procuring project-based services from the service provider.

EURIE Chapter

Future Prospects

This initiative was started as the preliminary stage of a long run project to build up the capacity of EURAS so as to diversify and intensify its activities through further sophisticated projects in international HE like developing new institutional ranking systems, evaluation and auditing services, certification of quality standards and accreditation, etc.

In this preliminary stage, we aim at boosting the international awareness and recognition of the Union in its brand and impact of its activities with growing extensiveness.

Please let us know your valuable opinion on the project and its future prospects, and discuss the possibilities of developing the project even further in good cooperation!