The New “Study in Turkey” Project

SIT Project-M1


The Project is intended to introduce and promote the Turkish Higher Education with its system, legislation, institutions, programs offered, and outcomes achieved, as a whole.

The main target audience of the project and its services portal is the future international students.

However, the needs and benefits of all other stakeholders of international higher education, who could be in touch with Turkish counterparts in one or another way, also taken into account in the processes of design and development.

Features of the SIT Project

This is a comprehensive project aimed at providing all the services needed relating to the core concept, and the supplementary services to be given on-site are clustered around its core management tool: the new Study in Turkey services portal.

SIT Services Portal

The services portal has 6 main features intended to serve the strategic goals of the project.

SIT Project-1
A Management Tool

The Study in Turkey Services Portal functions as a CRM module to help us manage all the operations under the SIT project and our contacts with all the stakeholders of the project.

SIT Project-4
A News Platform

Journalism in the Int'l HE field is defined as one of the major businesses, and the SIT Portal is designed so as to provide a versatile platform to exchange the noteworthy news touching to Turkey anyway.

SIT Project-2
A Search Tool

The Portal provides the most comprehensive, detailed, and user-friendly search engine with up-to-date databases for easily discovering the course alternatives available in Turkey.

SIT Project-5
A Networking Tool

Developing innovative tools to facilitate international networking is another main goal for us, and the SIT Portal is designed so as to provide a launching platform for a future HE Marketplace.

SIT Project-3
A Student Guide

The Portal as a whole serves as a comprehensive guide for future and ongoing int'l students. The Guidelines modules included in it provides the basic tips in an organized format.

SIT Project-6
A Marketing Tool

As being designed to provide diversified dynamic fields for its visitors' service, SIT Portal offers a multitude of options for better promoting various services to the audiences.

Future Prospects

This initiative was started as a pilot project to build up a new and more participative model for "Study Abroad Services" worldwide and intended to stimulate the generation of a wider network of portals by including the other attractive destinations, especially in the Eurasian Region.

Please let us know your valuable opinion after visiting the portal and discuss the possibilities of developing the project even further for the good of the international students, today and tomorrow!