Our Services

Study Abroad Services

We provide full-dress study abroad services for international inbound and outbound students from decision making to the final registration.

Journalism & Publishing Services

We gather and disseminate international news touching the higher education; exchange, share and publish the documentation.

International Marketing

We provide marketing insight and services to the HE institutions and sectoral companies from strategic consulting to the international fieldwork.

IT & Software Development

We provide IT, data management, automation, and software development services specially designed for recent Int'l HE needs.

Int'l HE Solutions & Tools

We conduct continuous field research to diagnose the complications of disruptive changes and develop innovative solutions for Int'l HE.

Consultancy & Cooperation

We provide consultancy services in the scope of our team's specializations and develop our capacity via cooperations and joint projects.

Core Elements of Our Services (I): Information Management

Facilitating the flow of information in the higher education field internationally, anytime and anywhere, is the core strategic commitment of the #IntledTools. So, all of our services and tailor-made tools are being developed with the aim of triggering creative solutions and informed decisions for all.

Core Elements of Our Services (II): Utilization of Information Technologies

#IntledTools is a new generation company with a capacity of utilizing the cutting-edge information technologies in its work. So, our custom-made tools are being developed in combination with our diverse experiences in HE and our built-in capacity in designing innovative solutions for internationalization.


Future Prospects

#IntledTools is a new venture started in March 2018 by a team of experts in the field of international higher education and IT professionals experienced in the HE sector. Soon after its start-up, the venture has gained the termless support of a well-established organization operating in the field for long.

Being decisive, fortunate and strong enough at the very beginning of our venture, we are confident that #IntledTools will make an impact, accomplish its strategic goals, and soon establish a strong presence in the sector.