EURIE Chapter


EURIE is the new meeting point for international higher education, connecting other parts of the world with the great potential of the Eurasian region. EURIE Annual Summit features an exhibition and a conference to expand the knowledge, networks and collaboration opportunities for the participants.

Why Attend EURIE?

  • To share ideas, experiences and best practices for internationalization of higher education
  • To generate partnership opportunities for academic collaboration, student/ staff exchanges, and many other joint ventures
  • To discuss challenges facing higher education today, explore new trends and discover innovative solutions.
  • To explore the higher education systems, student mobility flows, recruitment dynamics in the Eurasian region.

Who Should Attend EURIE?

  • Higher education institutions from all over the world who value internationalization and continuous professional development
  • Academic managers, deans, and directors responsible for internationalization of education and research
  • Study abroad officers
  • Marketing and recruitment staff
  • International student advisors
  • Other stakeholders in the higher education sector, such as language schools, marketing service providers, international student service companies
  • Public agencies for higher education, research, and innovation

What We Do In Cooperation with EURIE

As being a cooperative partner truly believing in the mission, role, and transformative potential of EURIE, we are utilizing our capacity to help the organization spread its word, increase its participation worldwide, and strengthen its existence over time.

Solution Partnership For International Marketing Strategy, Implementation & Business Development

We support the ongoing promotional activities of the organization while aligning its strategy with the recent modes of international marketing in implementation.

For this purpose, we are utilizing all the major capabilities of our team for the service of EURIE and benefit of its participants.


Goals, Planned Actions & KPI's

Here are the elements of #IntledTools' individual strategy for better serving the purposes of EURIE:


Our goals are to help;

-Boost the awareness and appreciation of EURIE's work worldwide
-Increase the numbers and diversity of participating educators, exhibitors, visitors and other stakeholders
-Enrich the program and improve the ambiance of the organization through the addition of new attractive events and topics
-Contribute to the networking functionality and capability of the summit through new tools and solutions developed
-Take an active part in facilitating the transnational cooperation in and out of the region
-Expand and diversify the fields of activity to the benefit of all participants

Planned Actions

-Performing extensive marketing activities for EURIE
-Promoting participation and contributions to EURIE
-Developing new tools and solutions to increase the impact made by EURIE


-Cooperatively attain the annual target figures of participants
-Become distinctively visible and popular in its scope
-Develop a tailor-made marketing communication and management tool for EURIE 2019
-Cooperatively achieve a 90% or higher participant's satisfaction ratio at the surveys of each edition

The Unique Advantages We Offer To The EURIE Participants


-Being included in our "Eurasian Universities Search Engine" for free (Eurasian Universities only)

-Special discounts in using our paid services. Including:

  • Membership to Our "Eurasian Networking Tool"
  • Being Promoted in Our "SUM (Study at an EURAS Member University) Portal"
  • Being Promoted in Other #IntledTools Medias

-Privileged advising support so as to attract more international students from Turkey and other major sending countries (Universities only)

-Right to represent its country in "[Country] in Eurasia" Project to be developed in cooperation with TIE Project Partners and opt to increase its visibility internationally

-Exhibiting at EURIE 2019 with the privileges and advantages provided by #IntledTools* (Exhibitors of #IntledTools Pavilion only)


-Visiting EURIE 2019 with the privileges and advantages provided by #IntledTools* (Visitors invited by  #IntledTools only)

*To be Announced