EURAS Chapter


EURAS is a non-profit international association founded in 2008 with the aim of supporting the global advancement of educational standards by promoting and facilitating academic cooperation in the Eurasian region.

Being an international educational platform for the higher education institutions in the region, EURAS serves its members as a gateway to reach out to the rest of the world, enhance their dialogue, and exchange the best practices.

Advantages of Being a Partner and Member to EURAS



What We Do In Cooperation with EURAS

As being a cooperative partner truly sharing the mission, vision, and values of EURAS, we are utilizing our capacity to help the Union implement novel strategies through the innovative tools we develop and, to promote the union in any place we can reach out to.

Solution Partnership For Worldwide Publicity And Increasing Awareness

By virtue of our core business, we conduct a wide variety of marketing activities including marketing research in the HE sector; gathering, processing, and reporting marketing information; journalism and intelligence generation; strategy building and implementation planning; designing and managing online and multi-media marketing campaigns; route planning and onsite visiting, etc.

These are the main fields of activity in which we can present our expertise and professional services to the Union, and we do so with the awareness that we are serving a non-profit organization working for the good of all of us!

Solution Partnership For International Strategic Development

We track and examine the developments in businesses and issues which closely relate to the Union or its activities; we share our observations, insights, and suggestions with the Union; we locate the areas where a need for improvement arises or a problematic situation comes into existence or just an opportunity to grasp lies.

In mutual consultation with the Union, we specify the new development areas in the scope of our expertise and then set to work to prepare for our next bid that will be adding value to the Union's operations.

Goals, Planned Actions & KPI's

Here are the elements of #IntledTools' individual strategy for better serving the purposes of EURAS:


Our goals are to help;

-Boost the awareness of EURAS in the region and worldwide
-Increase the numbers and diversity of the EURAS members and partners
-Enhance the reach of EURAS activity to everywhere in the Eurasian region and in the world
-Disseminate the knowledge through the world from the source of EURAS
-Facilitate the transnational cooperation in and out of the region
-Expand and diversify the  fields of activity to the benefit of all stakeholders

And, to emerge as the key solution partner of the Union.

Planned Actions

-Performing extensive marketing activities for EURAS
-Promoting partnership and memberships to EURAS
-Developing new tools and solutions to increase the outreach of EURAS


-Cooperatively attain the annual target figures of partner and member participation
-Become distinctively visible and impactful in its activities all over the region
-Prepare the infrastructure of effective int'l HE journalism activities in the region
-Start the networking tool of the Union and turn it into an international HE marketplace within a year
-Start the ISSS tools and the comprehensive search engine encompassing the whole Eurasian HE Area within a year
-Cooperatively achieve a 90% or higher stakeholder's satisfaction ratio at the year-end surveys

The Unique Advantages We Offer To The EURAS Members

-Being included in our "Eurasian Universities Search Engine" for free
-Special discounts in using our paid services. Including:

  • Membership to Our "Eurasian Networking Tool"
  • Being Promoted in Our "SUM (Study at an EURAS Member University) Portal"
  • Being Promoted in Other #IntledTools Medias

-Privileged advising support so as to attract more international students from Turkey and other major sending countries
-Right to represent its country in "[Country] in Eurasia" Project to be developed in cooperation with TIE Project Partners and opt to increase its visibility internationally