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EURAS Membership for your institution – Become a member now!

EURAS is - the largest and strongest higher education association of the region-, an affiliate member of ENQA, focuses on improving the international collaborations and cooperative activities via unique networking and sharing the latest trends on innovation, globalization and quality assurance. We are currently presenting a wide range of services, projects and other types of privileges and priorities. Becoming a member of EURAS will result in various benefits such as the ones listed below:

  • Publish your research through EURAS Academic Journals
  • Enhance skills and know-how via EURAS Academy Professional Training programs
  • Broaden your knowledge via EURAS Academic Conferences (Thematic Conferences, Seminars, and Meetings)
  • Reach out the major market players of the Eurasian region
  • Networking Opportunities at EURIE and the special advantage for members & partners
  • Promote your Institution among EURAS Network and Members

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